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Corrugated Wrap

Package and protect your breakables for shipping or storing with Corrugated Wraps. A Corrugated Cardboard roll protects and conforms to any shape. Use it on breakable goods such as glassware, chinaware or other delicate materials as an alternative to bubble wrap. Flexible and shock absorbing, it provides better protection than shipping your items in just a box. This will prevent your precious goods from breaking, chipping or getting scratches especially during long distance shipping.

Corrugated Wrap Sold by the Roll for Businesses in esball

Service Box And Tape offers Corrugated Rolls that can be quickly delivered anywhere, especially within esball. We have a wide variety of widths available at 250 feet per roll so you can pack multiple delicate items. Click on the Corrugated Wrap Sizes below to select the right size that you need and to get more details. We've got Single-face corrugated rolls ranging from 4 inches up to 72 inches in width. Looking for other types of protective wrap? Check our Bubble Wraps and Industrial Foam Rolls. For more protective packaging needs, check out our Protective Expandable Packaging page. Don't see the size that you need? Call us at 404-756-8400 to get customized rolls.
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