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Moving Supplies

Moving Supplies, Equipment, Boxes and More from Service Box And Tape

Need supplies for your moving company? Service Box And Tape offers a variety of wholesale moving supplies to many businesses in esball. We have thousands of stocks of equipment for moving furniture and business items. Protect your goods from damages and make moving an easy task! Move fragile furniture or other breakable goods with ease using our wholesale moving supplies such as moving blankets, boxes, furniture dollies, ram boards, packing tapes, tape dispenser, newsprints, bubble wrap and poly bags for mattresses.

Moving Blankets

Protect and cover big furniture or other items during storage and transport.

Moving Boxes

Choose from a wide selection of moving boxes such as double wall, guitar box, picture boxes and more!

Moving Equipment

Easily move heavy equipment using furniture dolly. Choose an 'H" Dolly for all-purpose moving or a Furniture Dolly with 4 hard rubber wheels.

Ram Boards

Buy Ram Boards made from 100% recycled products. This is the top solution to providing protection to floors. Our ram boards are designed for heavy-duty use.

Packing Tape & Dispensers

Secure packages or moving boxes with wholesale acrylic tapes using tape dispensers for easy and fast packing!

Newsprint & Bubble Wrap

Use newsprint and bubble wrap to cushion fragile goods like glassware, pots, vases, etc.

Poly Mattress Bag

Protect your mattresses and box springs from moisture and dirt while moving or storing. Can't find the moving equipment that you need? Call us at 404-756-8400 for assistance.