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Banding & Strapping

Strapping & Banding Materials for your Pallet & Packing Needs

Shipping a box can never be completely secured without using quality packing or pallet strapping or banding. Service Box And Tape offers a wide variety of products for closing, reinforcing, bundling, palletizing and bracing your packages and products. Choose from a wide variety of widths & sizes or choose between steel and plastic -- whichever you require, we have it.

Poly Cords, Strapping Coils, Steel Banding, Buckles & more - esball

Find poly cords, poly-strapping coils, steel banding coils, seals, clips, buckles and strapping tools or accessories delivered right to your doorstep! Service Box And Tape has been serving packaging needs for businesses in esball.

Don’t Know Which Kind You Need?

Poly Cords - if you require something that's lightweight but strongly secures your parcels, this is the right choice. Poly Strapping Coils is the most practical plastic strapping for carton closing, product bundling, etc Steel Banding Coils - if you need to ship heavy-duty goods, our steel banding coils provides sturdier strapping or banding and comes in different widths. For other types of strapping or banding, we also offer seals, buckles, clips in both steel and plastic forms. Need something to protect fragile or breakable things? Use quality Bubble Wrap and Corrugated Wrap. Can't find what you need? Call us at 404-756-8400 today!