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Boxes - Stock

Industry Standard Corrugated Stock Boxes

Service Box And Tape offers industry-standard corrugated stock boxes in different dimensions. All our storage boxes are tested for strength and durability to fit your needs. We supply packaging or storing products for the whole Atlanta Metro Area.

Choose Different Categories of Boxes

We have over thousands of boxes in stock! Choose from our huge selection of sizes and styles to purchase online. You can find boxes specially made for files, computers, moving, mattresses & more.


Our boxes are listed according to Length x Width X Depth. Please note that sizes indicate interior box dimensions. Can't find the box that you are looking for? Call us at 404-756-8400 to get information on how to order customized boxes for your business. Click on any stock boxes you want to purchase to find the price, dimensions and any other details. Can't find the information that you need? Contact us for more details and we'll be more than happy to assist you find the perfect box that fits your requirements. Looking for a cheaper alternative than stock boxes? View our selection of Misprint & Overrun Boxes. Need coils, clips or buckles for your boxes? Check out ourPacking Banding & Strapping Materials products.