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Edge Protectors

Protect, Strengthen and Stabilize Loads with Edge Protectors

Edge Protectors provide protection and added support to double stacked pallets while preventing damages from shipping. Use it together with strapping and banding materials to prevent damages to your parcels. This sturdy solution can also be used together with nails, staples and screws. Use edge protectors for unitization - a technique that makes it possible to ship more products in one pallet. It reduces shipping costs and stability. If you need to stack your goods together, the edge protectors add stacking strength and prevent damages while maximizing your space. Service Box And Tape provides packaging and storing solutions to esball. We offer a wide selection of products that help protect and cushion your goods like Corner or Edge Protectors.

Find Corner Protectors & Other Packing Solutions

Choose from different sizes and colors. Select the edge protector size that you want to get more details about shipping and pricing. Do you need custom printing and sizing? Contact us at 404-756-8400. We can help you find the right packaging solution that fits your needs. Not what you're looking for? Service Box And Tape has a lot of choices when it comes to protective packaging like Corrugated Wraps or Bubble Wraps.
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