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Kraft Paper

Kraft Paper Rolls by Service Box And Tape in esball

Service Box And Tape supplies Kraft Paper rolls in different widths. It's one of the best options for packing, wrapping and protecting goods while shipping and storing.

Uses of Kraft Paper

Use it to prevent breakage, abrasion and other damages to your products as a multi-purpose packaging material. Plus, it can be a great cushioning material by filling voids when packing hollow products such as glassware. Use it with other products like packing tapes and adhesives - especially during long distance shipping or long-term storage. Other than void-filling packages, this all-purpose Kraft paper has a number of other uses - gift or post wrapping, pattern making, surface protection and more! Kraft paper is also one of the top things that are used in the craft room. Our Rolls come in widths big enough for art projects!

Standard and Custom Widths or Sizes Available Online

Service Box And Tape is one of the leading suppliers of packaging products including Kraft Paper Rolls to businesses in esball. We have stocks of Kraft paper Rolls ranging from different widths specifically 12", 18", 24", 30", 36", 40", 48" and 60" at 900 feet of length per roll. Select the product you desire below to get more information on product pricing and shipping. Can't find the right size? Call us for customized orders and for more assistance with Kraft paper rolls!