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Paper Products

Whole Sale Paper Products from Service Box And Tape – esball

Service Box And Tape stocks wholesale paper products for all your business needs. We supply premium packaging products to businesses across esball. Find stocks of bogus paper, butcher paper, Kraft paper rolls, newsprint and paper towels. Choose from any kind of paper to use as a packaging material or void fill when shipping your goods. These paper products are one of the most economical void filling options because of its versatility and affordability. It is also a biodegradable alternative to bubble wraps and foam rolls. Ship your fragile items with these paper products and prevent scratches, chipping and breaking. Use it on chinaware, glass, pottery and other breakable items.

Bogus Paper

Bogus papers are used in a wide variety of purposes. It is commonly used in shipping as a packaging material and void fill. Made from high quality recycled material, it is environmentally friendly and biodegradable. We sell bogus papers at 24” diameters – see product page for quantity pricing.

Butcher Paper

Butcher paper is also used as a wrapper and void fill for shipping delicate products including food. Choose from different widths that are readily available for shipping – 18”, 24”, 30”, 38” and 48”.

Kraft Paper

Service Box And Tape also offers Kraft Paper in a variety of widths – 12”, 18”, 24”, 30”, 36”, 40”, 48” and 60”.

Clean Newsprint Paper

Our clean newsprint papers are one of the most practical things to use when you need to wrap fragile items for shipping and storing. The blank newsprint papers provide the same purpose as using regular newspaper without those ink stains! We offer these in sheets and in rolls. It also comes in different sizes.

Paper Towels

Keep your business place clean and sanitary with these wholesale Paper Towel rolls. We have a variety of rolls available – hardwound, centerpull, c-fold, multifold, single fold and kitchen roll. We can also assist you in finding the right paper product and other packaging solutions for your business. Call us at 404-756-8400!