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Wholesale Carton Sealing Tapes by Service Box And Tape esball

Service Box And Tape supplies a vast range of packaging goods to businesses across esball. We supply everything you need for shipping your products including packaging or carton sealing tapes of all kinds and sizes. When sealing different kinds of packages, it is important to use the right kind of tape so you can rest assured that your packages stays intact and secured during shipment. Choose among our carton sealing tapes on stock and readily available! We have 33+ Black Electrical (3M) Tape, Acrylic Tape, Duct Tape, Filament (Strapping) Tape, Hot Melt Tape, Masking Tape, Natural Rubber PVC Tape, Paper (Flatback) Tape, Reinforced Kraft Tape and Single Role Tape with Dispenser. We offer great deals. Buy any of our high quality carton sealing tapes by selecting the one that you would like to order below.

33+ Black Electrical (3M)

The 33+ Super Vinyl Tape is an insulating tape that offers protection against moisture and changing weather conditions during shipping.

Acrylic Tape

Best for cold temperatures like refrigeration and freezer applications for long-term storage.

Duct Tape

We offer a variety of duct tapes at 2" width. Choose from Black, Gray and Silver.

Filament (Strapping) Tape

This industrial strength tape is reinforced with fiberglass filaments for superior use when strapping, reinforcing and sealing cartons.

Hot Melt Tape

H It is one of the tapes that have the best adhesive power than the others. Hot melt tape adheres to most surfaces including fiberboard.

Masking Tape

A general-purpose tape for regular packing and everyday needs.

Natural Rubber, PVC Tape

Resistant to moisture and temperature changes. Its adhesive power makes it easy to use on corrugated surfaces.

Paper (Flatback) Tape

This Kraft paper packing tape is made with pressure-sensitive adhesive. Easily use it on everyday packing since it's easy to tear no scissors needed!

Reinforced Kraft Tape

Water-activated adhesive tape made with strong fiberglass yarns.

Single Role w/ Dispenser

Make everyday packaging quick and easy with this very handy 2" clear tape built in a dispenser. Can't find the tape that you need? Call us at 404-756-8400 for assistance.